Jan Kinlaw

“I’m an acrylic painter, but I’m learning oils right now, I’ve discovered that I’m very good at oils, so I probably need to stick with it,” she laughs.

Jan is an exhibiting artist at the Cary Gallery of Artists in Downtown Cary, and she loves painting in her studio. She is always painting something different, but many of her works are still-life scenes, landscapes and animals. “A friend showed me this picture, and the chickens made me happy and made me laugh, so I decided to paint them. I used the picture as a reference to start the painting but threw it away soon after.” This is how Jan’s paintings take form – she likes the creative challenge of painting without always having something to look at. As a result, her work is realistic yet whimsical.

Every month, Jan teaches an art class at Brighton Gardens of Raleigh, an assisted living facility where her mom is a resident. “I used to license all the continuing care retirement communities for the State of North Carolina,” she told me. “I love seniors. I took care of them for so long.” Soon after her mom moved into Brighton Gardens, Jan started volunteering her time to paint with the residents. It can be hard to get folks to come out of their rooms to take the class, though, and Jan takes it upon herself to change that. “I take one of my paintings and walk around to all the dining tables where the residents are eating lunch and have a conversation about the art,” she said. “I always introduce myself as the ‘art teacher’ and tell them that I’d love to have them in my class.”

Want to see more of Jan’s work?

Visit her page on the Cary Gallery of Artists website or stop by the gallery in Downtown Cary’s Ashworth Village, 200 S. Academy Street, to see her artwork in person.

Original Source: Author, Jessica Patrick at CaryCitizen.com