Marty Matthews

Evocative, intelligent and introspective, the mixed media assemblages of Marty Matthews invites interpretation. Where one might see a deconstructionist commentary on common philosophical themes, another will inevitably see an iconographical­ charged-yet-open-ended works of art. Marty asks the viewer to examine their own ascribed interpretation of each piece and hopefully discover a small truth about themselves.

During childhood, Marty was a big comic book and animation fan. This sparked an interest in drawing. He took private lessons from sixth grade on up, and later went to school for commercial art and advertising design. Today, Marty is a mixed media artist with an extensive collection. He works with things like stencils, lithography plates, medal pipes and rusty gears.

When he first started, he was doing large scale pen and ink drawings, landscapes and surreal images using ink washes. He used serrated knives with soaking paper in ink. While working on a past project, Marty broke his right arm was laid up a bit. So, I had to learn to paint with his left hand to get the color on the canvass. Next, he started using other materials he found. “I kind of like collaged just to see what would work. At first, I used iron spikes and found medal pieces with some of my own photography. I also used burlap and glass. The art just kept growing into what it is today. Each material kind of speaks to me, and I just have to find out how I want to use it. By sticking with the art that I do, I am able to say more about whom I am and what’s going on in the world. The images I use are recognizable and people see it and are touched someway.”

The Marty Matthews Exhibit, Surreal Evolution, will be on display at Studio 180 Salon in downtown Cary through June 2016. The first artist’s reception is Friday, May 27th from 6-9 pm. Marty is also available for private viewings. You can find him on Facebook or email him at