Lyudmila Tomova

I have been working with glass since 2001. My studio includes four kilns for fusing, casting and forming glass. I also teach at the Raleigh Pullen Arts Center, The Cary Arts Center and NCSU Art and Craft Center.

Lyudmila Tomova is a rising star on the Triangle, North Carolina art scene. Her recent watercolors have attracted much attention locally and nationally with the expressive brushwork, color, line and a stylized flair that emphasize movement bringing the images to life. She has received numerous awards and recognition for her masterfully executed work which uniquely merges abstract and realistic elements together creating mood and energy. Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, Lyudmila immigrated to the US twenty-five years ago and lived in New York City being a full time painter, editorial illustrator, designer and digital artist, exhibiting nationally and abroad.

“In my work I merge abstract and realistic elements together to create mood, movement and an impression of the world around and within us. Everything moves, even rocks. The ever-changing states in man and nature are a constant source of inspiration for my work.

Lyudmila resides in Cary and has a watercolor workshop at the Village Art Circle and Nicole’s Gallery.