The Cary Art Loop was founded in 2005 by a group of artists and artisans in Cary, North Carolina and the

White Christmas by Jj Jiang
Oil on canvas

surrounding communities dedicated to supporting the Arts. Its central mission remains today: To maintain a thriving Arts community through positive partnerships and exchanges between artists and Cary venues. We are committed to the aesthetic enhancement of our community.

About the Downtown Cary Arts District

The Downtown Cary Arts District is a diverse, culturally robust district in Downtown Cary, NC. Grown from an historic past with icons including the Page-Walker Hotel,

Cary Elementary School (now the Cary Arts Center) and The Cary Theater, the District has evolved over time to become a creative, community-driven destination for those appreciating the arts. With a variety of retail and service shops, restaurants, galleries, parks, and private businesses, we welcome you to Arrive Early and Stay Late in the Downtown Cary Arts District!


Over the past 10 years, the area has morphed into an eclectic collection of restaurants, residences, retail, additional businesses, galleries and arts establishments. There has been some revitalization (and is still ongoing) with a few buildings renovated into new purposes while still remaining true to their historic past. The growth of Final Fridays and the revitalization of the Downtown Cary Arts District is a portion of the development Downtown Cary has seen in the last several years including The Cary Arts Center, Cary Theatre project, Town Hall, Cary Park, Paige-Walker Museum, and the Mathews House. Cary Art Loop General Public Meetings are open to all. GP meetings will be announced in advance to discuss the Final Fridays events, community projects, marketing and exhibition opportunities and to join forces in creating a more beautiful, robust and visually stimulating environment for all.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cary Art Loop

What is the Cary Art Loop?
The Cary Art Loop was originally conceived as a means of connecting artists with Cary business and venues with support of the Town of Cary Department of Cultural Resources. The signature event of the Cary Art Loop is “Final Fridays” – an art crawl around downtown Cary and other locations occurring from 6-9pm on the final Friday of each month. Today, the Cary Art Loop exists as a growing non-profit organization in support of the arts.

What other types of entertainment might I find?
Depending on the venue / artists showing, you might find live performance entertainment, beverages and refreshments at certain locations. Some venues may offer a complete artist reception with a host of compliments, while others may offer a simple show and is open as a stop on the Loop. Check the events page or Facebook page in advance of Final Friday to see which venues will be participating and what they will offering.

How do visitors go from venue-to-venue during “Final Fridays”?
Downtown Cary is a small radius of a few blocks and most patrons generally walk. The Town of Cary has graciously provided services via the GoCary. It is free and a great way to see some of the greatest treasures that Cary has to offer. Additionally, Ricky’s Rickshaws are another option to take in sights in a chauffeured fashion.

UPDATE: Currently the GoCary service is suspended while downtown renovations are in effect. Check back soon!

Where can I pick up a printed map or guide?
A printed brochure is in the works. When available, you should be able to pick up one at any venue hosting a Final Friday’s event.

Can I give donations to the arts through the Cary Art Loop?
Yes, you can donate directly to the Cary Art Loop and its supporting programs or request that the Cary Art Loop donate to another organization on your behalf. The arts are funded by many sources and private donations are a big reason we have such a strong and vibrant arts community.

Where else can I get updates about Cary Art Loop events?