Information for Artists

How do I get into the Cary Art Loop?  If you are an artist, getting into the Cary Art Loop is easy. Start by completing this form and submitting it to us. We will reply to the artist confirming that we have received their email.

Artists should contact venues directly to secure shows or any details related to an event. The Cary Art Loop does not broker or arrange shows but moreover publicizes events after having been arranged by the artists / venues. Details such as the terms of the show, pricing, sales commissions and length of show duration are completely between the artists and the venue. Once a venue confirms an artist / show by posting the event on, we will include the artist’s submitted information and profile as a featured artist of an upcoming Final Friday event.

Are there any basic requirements?
Ideally, you should be a local artist but this is not limited. The mission of the Cary Art Loop is to join talented artist who are seeking exposure and a location to show with local Cary businesses and venues that are looking for artists and works to adorn their spaces.

Does it cost anything?
No. It’s absolutely free!

As an artist, what are the benefits of joining the Cary Art Loop?

      • It is free, cost effective vehicle to market your work and your business
      • Broader exposure for venues and artist. One of the main benefits of participation in the Cary Art Loop is that artists and venues, alike, will be able to exponentially increase their exposure to the general public based on the strength of each member’s mailing and distribution lists. All venues, artists and members are encouraged to send announcements of the events or other news to their individual lists.
      • Greater exposure and networking opportunities to the local Cary business community.
      • Feel good about supporting your local business economy.

What is the duration of my show?
A show’s duration is strictly between the artists and venue. It could go anywhere from a few days to a few months.

What kind of exposure do artists receive?

      • Your event will be posted on by the venue. Those published announcements will automatically post to the Cary Art Loop’s Facebook and Twitter social media pages.
      • The Cary Art Loop also maintains a Meetup group and will be used for special occasions like ‘members only’ functions.
      • The Cary Art Loop is a member of the Cary Arts Council and applying to become a part of United Arts Council of Wake County and ARTS North Carolina.
      • Occasionally, there will be special interest or featured stories written by local media.
      • Support from other local media calendars such as‘s

What is expected of the artist?
Artists are encouraged to:

Is there commission for works sold by CAL venues during the time an artist is showing?
No. All agreements are strictly between artists and venues. Venues may have different commission rates depending on various factors (e.g. galleries may have higher commission rates than other business types because of their distinction). All purchases, however, are encouraged to go through the Art Loop venue that is sponsoring the artist.