Information for Galleries and Venues

How do I get my business listed with the Cary Art Loop?
Getting in the Loop is very easy. Ideally, your business should be located within the Town of Cary and accessible by the Cary C-Tran. Complete the new venue application and our staff will review your materials and add your venue to You will receive a welcome letter from the Cary Art Loop, along with login and password credentials to for your venue. With these, you will be able to post news and updates about exciting events happening at your venue!!

There are also panels on the front page that feature certain businesses or venues in the Cary Art Loop. These will be sponsored advertising spaces for venues that wish to pay for higher visibility. We are still developing paid advertising offerings so stay tuned…

How do I post content, events and announcements on is member-supported WordPress website. Members (venues, artists and administrators) are each granted personal passwords and logins so that they can create their own content. If you are new to WordPress, click these links for more detailed instructions on how to use WordPress or how to create posts on WordPress websites.

When creating an event announcement on the calendar, admins should watch this short tutorial on how to use All-in-One Event Calendar.

What are the benefits of joining the Cary Art Loop?

      • Cost effective, localized marketing
      • Having your space adorned with beautiful works of art changed frequently.
      • Greater exposure and networking opportunities to the local Cary business community.
      • Feel good about supporting your local business economy.

How do I get my business listed as a preferred venue on
Coming soon, the Cary Art Loop will offer preferred advertising space on the front page of This is perfect for venues that might be producing a special event or artists and would prefer to pay for extra exposure. For more information about this program, just send an email with question(s) to: and a representative will follow up with you.

How do I get one of those cool green Cary Art Loop Final Friday’s flags for my venue?
Venues can opt to purchase a flag when joining the Cary Art Loop (we encourage it). Once approved, you will receive a welcome letter with specific details about how to purchase your flag with hardware.

Is there a standard commission rate on each piece that is sold?
No. All agreements are strictly between artists and venues. Venues may have different commission rates depending on various factors (e.g. galleries may have different commission rates than other business types because of their distinction). All purchases, however, are encouraged to go through the Art Loop venue that is sponsoring the artist.

Does the Cary Art Loop cost anything to join?
No. A basic membership is free. Venues can choose to upgrade to a paid advertising package which will have feature their businesses with increased exposure for the artist. Details about the tiered plan are forthcoming.