Performing Arts

The String Peddlers

The String Peddlers is an acoustic band out of Raleigh, NC. They play an eclectic mix that could range from blues to reggae, from calypso to folk. You might hear mandolins, harmonicas, strumsticks, and even the occasional kalimba. Without missing a beat it could go from Johnny Cash, to Jimmy Reed, to the Melodians.


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One Tribe Drum Circle

One Tribe…One Heartbeat…One Sound

One Tribe is a gathering of sounds and rhythms, energy and togetherness. It started off as a side project from local Raleigh gatherings, One Tribe has now taken shape into a journey of musical exploration. Creating not only traditional rhythms, but extending out into multi-cultural landscapes. Multiple people, multiple personalities, multiple instruments…One Purpose…Unity.

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Dawn Ruckert Belly Dance Troupe

Dayanisma, a Turkish word meaning unity, is an American Tribal Style inspired collaborative group. Under the direction of Nandana, they perform Tribal Group Improvisational dance using dynamic leader/follower formations – the dance is not choreographed. They perform locally and regionally sharing in their love of dance!

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Hearts and Daggers

Hearts and Daggers cannot be summed up into a one-word genre; easily identifiable for immediate classification. Hearts and Daggers is not bluegrass; nor is it pop-country or Haggard-era outlaw country. It is also too far removed from power chords to be cow punk, yet Hearts and Daggers live the hangovers and heartaches and reconstitute country music into what it SHOULD be nowadays; part chain-gang chants, part field hollers, part Jimmie Rodgers tuberculosis blues, part Jimmie Martin bluegrass harmonies, part Hank Sr., part Johnny Cash but most of all, ORIGINAL. Songs about killing, fightin, love, sinners, estranged lovers, murderers, and good men gone wrong. Songs that make you want to drink, dance, weep, holler, yell, and say Amen. We are Hearts and Daggers. Welcome.